Can we all just agree that the days of Zoom need to end? I can't put into words how much I hate the atrocity that is another zoom meeting. If I get invited to one more Zoom conference that could just be an email I may lose it altogether.

I get super insecure when I am in a Zoom call. My head is always going 100 miles an hour and my inner monologue is really a horrid place to be. "Is this a really bad angle? Can they hear me? Did I just mute myself? Why is their cat showing me its butt right now? Does he know he can unmute himself, does he know we can't hear him right now? Someone speak up! Can I step away and grab a drink right now or would that not be appropriate?" I am grateful I don't have a job where I rely on using Zoom daily.

Unfortunately for our friends over at KTBS 3, they have had to rely on Zoom calls to make their newscasts work because of the pandemic. I highly doubt we have caught on when there are hangups or mess-ups because we just don't have a trained eye or ear. The latest hilarious Zoom mishap is one that caught the attention of Jimmy Fallon and the entire crew at the "Tonight Show" check it out here.

Check out the hilarious bit below.

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