In case you missed it on Sunday, the New Orleans Saints lost to the worst team in NFL a season ago. After losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Saints personnel and fans alike were left to pick up the pieces.

Today, they may have received a loss that will hurt much more than the score on Sunday. Multiple reports indicate the Saints expect Drew Brees to miss some playing time.

If you watched the game, you know Brees didn't quite look like himself, and it was obvious that he had some shoulder pain.

Brees was trending on Twitter earlier after a tweet send by a fake account garnered quite a few retweets. It basically announced that Drew was out for the rest of the season with a  torn rotator cuff. Saints fans collectively held their breath, hoping the report was just a misleading tweet from a parody account attempting to gain attention.

Hours later, it's being reported that Drew could miss some time, but the actual injury hasn't been disclosed. After the earlier scare, this should come as good news for Saints fans considering it doesn't appear to be a torn rotator cuff or season ending.

Here's the tweet by NFL Media's Ian Rapaport:


This potential good news came from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

If Brees actually misses time, that could mean when the Cowboys travel to New Orleans to play the Saints in two weeks, it would be Luke McCown vs Brandon Weeden.

The Back-up Bowl, clever marketing ploy, Verizon Wireless.


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