Looks like Londoners will be the first to get a chance to see the Saints' new drip firsthand.

The Saints, coming off of a devastating loss to a bad Carolina Panthers team, hope to turn their fortunes around in the land of fish n' chips. They're playing the Minnesota Vikings in a game so early with so little buzz around it that Kirk Cousins may play at an MVP level just to offset his primetime suckage.

The controversial black helmets the team announced over the summer will get their first on-field showing in the game, although it is not yet clear what uniform the Saints will pair with them.

Over the summer, the Saints showed off the helmets alongside their white and gold "color rush" get-up.

I'll be honest here. It's on record that I love the new helmets, but if they actually pair them with this uniform, that may be the ugliest uniform of the week across the NFL.

The one blob of black on top of the white and gold everything else just looks out of place. I know those images aren't photoshopped and yet they almost look as though they were.

They need to pair these bad boys with their all-black combo or... hear me out:

If Scott is reading this psot, I imagine he's cringing so hard he might pull a muscle.

And I can already hear old-heads around the world, "Who cares what hats they're wearing, they need to worry about winning."

To that I have one simple statement.

Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.

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But if that isn't satisfactory to you, here's Pete Werner not giving a rat's backside about uniform swag.

Also, shoutout to the funniest tweet I've read in some time.

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