If there is one thing fans of the Dallas Cowboys are quite familiar with it is the concept of losing. You know, not winning, like what the Cowboys did last Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL's Super Wild Card Weekend of the playoffs.

The Cowboys had a chance but a bungled play in the last few seconds sealed the deal for "Americas Team" once again. But it wasn't only the Cowboys team that took the loss last Sunday.

No, I'm not talking about Dak Prescott the team's star quarterback and his off the cuff remarks about the game's officiating crew either. Even though Dak did apologize and I believe in a very genuine manner, he still got dinged by the league to the tune of $25,000 in fines.

There were tears for other reasons.

So what else could make the night worse for a Dallas Cowboys fan?

Well, one fan, in particular, became "Internet famous" after he was captured by television cameras in the game's waning seconds with a very sad and melancholy look on his face. There were a lot of crying Cowboys that night but the guy in question is this fellow right here.

This picture and the football game were just the beginning of his sadness.

He had told his girlfriend he was on a guy's trip. Well, technically, I guess he was correct because he was a guy and he was on a trip and he was also photographed at the football game sitting next to what his girlfriend calls his "side chick".

Yeah, the guy not only had to sit and watch his team lose. He was caught crying on national television. And, he managed to be exposed as a serial cheater all at the same time. I don't think even the Dallas Cowboys under Dave Wannstedt ever lost that bad. This guy lost twice in one night.


And you know this wasn't the only "fight" that happened last night.

How about them Cowboys, huh?

Girl quit messing with them Texas cheaters, come on across the Sabine River and find you a man, a good man, a real man.

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