When four-year-old twin sisters Gracie and Ruby Weichman showed up at the ballpark on Monday night to watch their hometown Spokane Indians take on the visiting Yakima Bears, they had no idea that their father, Air Force Sargeant Chris Weichman, was planning a surprise homecoming during the game.

The girls had been selected by the local paper the Spokesman-Review to compete in a promotional newspaper tossing game on the field in front of a packed house of fans. As thrilled as the girls were after winning the paper toss, their excitement was quickly overshadowed by what happened next.

Sargeant Weichman appeared in the middle of the field, having just returned home to Washington from his third tour of Afghanistan at 6am that morning. The girls and their mother rushed onto the field and their touching embrace was greeted with a huge standing ovation from the crowd.

Grab the Kleenex before watching this clip:

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