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Winter Strom Uri has been blasting the Ark-La-Tex overnight, and its just the first round of what is supposed to be a disastrous week for winter weather in the area. Currently, a blanket of snow covers the entire region, with more on the way. Unlike many snowstorms the region gets, this snow has been, and will be, accumulating.

The snow accumulation is being aided by the sub-freezing temperatures that have set in over the last couple of days. These temps will be in place for most of the week as well. Which means this snow could stick around for some time, and be the base for more snowfall.

These temperatures are not common in the Ark-La-Tex, but are pretty normal in other climates. Here's a look at some comparisons for the temperatures the Shreveport area are dealing with, and will be dealing with all week. This morning, the National Weather Service reported a low temperature of 17 degrees at the Downtown Airport in Shreveport. Here are some comparable temps across the world from this morning:

Shreveport, LA - 17 degrees

Anchorage, AK - 16 degrees
Bangor, ME - 13 degrees
Toronto, ON, Canada - 22 degrees
Cincinnati, OH - 18 degrees
Detroit, MI - 13 degrees
Montreal, QC, Canada - 17 degrees
Pittsburgh, PA - 25 degrees
New York, NY - 33 degrees
Boston, MA - 31 degrees
Moscow, Russia - 8 degrees
Reykjavík, Iceland - 42 degrees
Oslo, Norway - 23 degrees

Shreveport's morning temperature was on par with Anchorage, Alaska and Montreal, Quebec. In an odd twist, it is warmer in New York City, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Reykjavik, Iceland.

Honestly, the temperature difference this morning between Shreveport and Moscow isn't that different. Seriously, less than a ten degree separation.


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