Wouldn't you or your dad love owning a gun that can hit a target more than 1,000 yards away, every time?

You won't believe how this thing called the "TrackingPoint" rifle works. The trigger is actually wired to the scope. This prevents the gun from firing until it locks on the target that has been tagged. This is also explained in the video and shows how simple it is to never miss your target.

This baby is Wi-Fi enabled too. It even has a color display so users can post videos of their shots on Facebook or YouTube!

Lifelong hunter Bob Ellis is speaks highly about the rifle. "I have not shot anything like it ever, the distance and accuracy of the rifle is a big WOW!"

What sets the TrackingPoint rifle apart from the rest?

The answer is simple, it has a high-tech electronic scope that automatically measures distance. This allows the shooter to tag a target by placing a red dot on it within the crosshairs. The scope also measures gravity, wind speed, humidity and the rotation of the Earth, all things that determine whether a bullet hits the target or not.

Even if the safety is off, and the trigger is pulled, the gun won't fire unless the crosshairs are locked on the red dot. Even the most inexperienced shooter can hit a target at a very long range every time.

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