Less than a week ago, I reported on a horrible situation in Shreveport's Southern Hills neighborhood.  A rash of break-in robberies, totaling tens of thousands of dollars in pilfered items - but that was far from the biggest loss recorded during this crime spree. Several of the affected homeowner's dogs were shot and at least one was killed.  Read more on the horrific crimes here:

In the 5 days since then, residents in the neighborhood themselves have put a stop to this nightmare by holding the suspects at gunpoint until police arrived - after foiling yet another robbery attempt.  It wasn't clear at that time if these suspects were connected to the earlier crimes that included the terrible attack on these canine companions.

According to KTBS, further investigation has prompted officials to file more charges against Tarodganey Sumner and Calvin Horton related to the alleged robberies.  In addition to the aggravated robbery charges, the pair will also face charges aggravated cruelty to animals.

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