If you thought the love bugs were a pain in the windshield you've yet to experience the joy of a full blown Mayfly swarm. Unlike love bugs the Mayfly invasion is fast and furious. Love bug season usually takes several weeks to run its course. Mayflies hit fast and hit hard.

The problem with Mayflies you usually don't see just a few of them. You are quite likely to run into several thousand of them at a time. This can really foul your windshield and limit your visibility on the road. There have even been instances where the accumulation of Mayfly carcasses on the roadway have actually shutdown bridges. 

If you ride a motorcycle you will want to either leave it parked when the Mayflies are flying or wear a full face helmet and buy31 some good toothpaste.

If you're wondering where you're most likely to encounter Mayflies the answer is pretty simple. You find them breeding and swarming around bodies of water. I guess that would make Louisiana Mayfly central. The biggest swarms occur around bodies of water that are stagnant or slow moving and are pollution free.

What is the purpose of the Mayfly? I'm not really sure. I do know the males of the species basically live long enough to breed and die. That usually takes a day or less. I guess humans are the only species where the male doesn't last too long.

The bottom line is you never know when you're going to hit a Mayfly swarm. When you do you will know that you're going to be washing your car or truck for a few hours to clean the carnage off the hood before they ruin the paint.

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