The barrage of fireworks that surround Independence Day may have already started in your neighborhood. The sights and sounds that fill the skies may be fascinating to some, but torturous to others.

On Go Acadiana with Ken Romero and Dr. John Friday afternoon, Shannon Walker the organizer of Northwest Battle Buddies said this Indepence Day weekend may cause some unique anxiety issues for some of our nation's combat veterans.

Most areas in our country will have at least some type of fireworks display, whether they will be hosted by community organizers or by youth down the street.

Walker said some veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be caught off guard by the explosions and report from fireworks that may mimic the sound of arsenal in combat situations.

The Northwest Battle Buddies Web site lists its mission statement as, "Empowering combat veterans with PTSD to regain their freedom and independence by partnering them with professionally trained and specifically matched service dogs at no charge."

If you would like to donate to the NWBB cause, you can visit the organization's site by clicking here.

Also, do not forget to thank veterans for their service to our country--not only this Independence Day--but all year long.

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