TicTock Sonnier of Opelousas, Louisiana was recently pumping gas when he noticed several children playing on a St. Landry Parish school bus that was parked in the station's lot.

The only problem is, there were no kids on the bus.

Ghost Children Playing On Bus
Facebook Via TicTock Sonnier


Louisiana Ghost Children Playing On School Bus

When it comes to seeing ghosts, the experience can be attributed to a combination of psychological, environmental, and cultural factors.

The human brain tends to recognize familiar patterns, such as faces or figures, in random stimuli such as shadows or reflections, leading to the interpretation of these patterns as ghosts.

There's also the power of suggestion.

If people are told a place is haunted, they are more likely to interpret certain things as ghostly phenomena due to the power of suggestion and heightened expectation.

All of this being said, this guy was just simply pumping gas when suddenly he noticed something happening on a parked St. Landry Parish school bus.

The last thing on his mind was anything supernatural.

St Landry School Bus Ghosts
Facebook Via TicTock Sonnier
Ghosts On A School Bus
Facebook Via TicTock Sonnier

When the video begins, the movement seen on the bus looks like it's simply a reflection of movement from vehicles on a nearby road.

But then...you can clearly see the shapes of heads, arms, and hands.

From TicTock Sonnier Via Facebook -

"I know I’m not tripping am I the only one that see shadows of children on this bus ?

I was told it’s vehicles that’s passing on the highway across reflecting making it look that way !

Bruh this creeped me out while I was pumping gas so I drove my truck around to the other side the bus and still nothing."


St. Landry Parish School Board (Facebook)
St. Landry Parish School Board (Facebook)

What is really going here?

There's clearly no children on the school bus when takes a closer look, but for some reason, there certainly appears to be kids moving around on the bus when he first notices.

Any idea about what is happening in this video?

Let us know what you think!

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