Former Olympian and World Heavyweight Champion, Mark Henry is coming to Shreveport this august for Geek'd Con. Mark Henry started his athletic career as a powerlifter at age 18, earning himself the name of World's Strongest Teenager after setting world records for his age, that title would follow him into adulthood as the World's Strongest Man. Henry would take part in the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games, and won several medals in the Pan American Games, later retiring from weightlifting after suffering a back injury. Henry began his pro-wrestling career in 1996 and would go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mark Henry's Top 3 World Heavyweight Championship Matches

Number 3: Mark Henry V.S. Big Show at Vengeance 2011

In 2011 Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship, and his first match to defend the strap was against the next biggest wrestler you could find, Big Show. The Frost Bank Center in San Antonio welcomed a match of giants, with an unforgettable moment when Mark Henry climbed the top rope to throw Big Show in a superplex that collapsed the ring on impact.

Number 2: Mark Henry V.S. Randy Orton at Night of Champions 2011

Randy Orton was on his 9th World Championship reign at the time of this match, taking on a Mark Henry who'd been fired up  and set on cementing his 15 year pro-wrestling legacy with his first World Heavyweight Championship victory. Henry and Orton fought tirelessly in a 14 minute bout, possibly the most memorable moment from this match was Orton attempting the infamous RKO but instead being tossed across the ring by the World's Strongest Man. Henry would pin Orton for the 3-count and walk out of Buffalo, New York as the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Number 1: Mark Henry V.S. John Cena at Money in the Bank 2013

In 2013 Mark Henry set his sights on winning back the World Heavyweight Championship, which would mean taking on one of the most notable names in all of pro-wrestling history, John Cena. While Henry failed to win the title belt in this match the athleticism displayed by both men is to be studied. The most memorable moment by far was Cena lifting the 350+ lbs. Henry over his shoulders to deliver the Attitude Adjustment, John Cena's finishing move.

History Of Geek'd Con Guests

Geek'd Con is Shreveport's biggest comic and pop culture event. Launching in 2015, the event quickly became one of the premiere comic con style events in the entire state of Louisiana.

A big part of that growth has been the celebrity guest lineups. Since the first show in 2015, the quality of guests attending Geek'd Con rivals any pop culture event of this size. From classic Star Wars stars to guests from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Geek'd Con has welcomed the biggest names from multiple generations. Here's a look at the history of guests at Geek'd Con.

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Flashback Pics of Geek'd Con 2017

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