I've been talking for months about Bossier native, former Parkway Panther & Centenary Gent Seth Lugo. And for good reason.

I thought when the Kansas City Royals picked him up this offseason, it was an underrated roster move that not enough people were talking about. Fast forward to now and I STILL think that not enough people are talking about Seth Lugo and what he's doing on a major league mound.

Seth is 15 starts in (so about halfway) to the 2024 season and he's already setting career highs. Outside of personal accomplishments, Seth truly is one of the most dominant pitchers this year. But, will it be enough for him to be an All-Star for the first time?

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Should Seth Lugo Be an All-Star in 2024?

Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals
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The American League and National League teams get a 32 man roster - 20 position players & 12 pitchers. Of those 12 pitchers, 5 are starters and 3 are relivers. And to this point, I can't name 5 pitchers more deserving of an All-Star spot more than Seth Lugo. Yes, he's a local guy. Yes, I am biased. But, with all that said, it still doesn't change the stat sheet. I mean, lets just take a look.

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Despite 2 rough starts in a row for Seth, he's still one of the top performing pitchers in the American League. According to Baseball Reference, here's the current rankings for Seth:

  • 2nd in WAR (Wins Above Replacement) among pitchers - 3.4
  • 4th in ERA with a 2.40
  • 1st in wins with 10
  • 2nd in Win/Loss Percentage with .833
  • 2nd in Innings Pitched with 97.1
  • 5th in Home Runs per 9 Innings with .740

There's a LOT of statistical touchstones where Seth is Top 5.

I chose the words to that question very specifically. SHOULD Seth Lugo be an All-Star? Absolutely. WILL Seth make the team? You never can tell. Over the years, specifically when it comes to pitching, there's been a lot of big time snubs.

Seth has never made an All-Star team before, but he's never pitched like this before. The man has put in the work and is well deserving of the honor. Like I said, he may not be the best pitcher in the American League...but he's definitely Top 5. And that's good enough for him to be an All-Star in my opinion.

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