Full disclosure: I am not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. I don't like Jerry Jones. I don't like the organization's seeming superiority complex. They are the New York Yankees of the Football world...minus all the championships.

However, despite my dislike of everything Dallas Cowboys, I do sort of feel bad for the fan base. Yeah, every year we all have to endure the "We Dem Boyz" talk...just to watch the Cowboys fail in the playoffs. But, I guess that's why I sort of feel bad for them. The Cowboys do something to fire up the fan base, they have a really good regular season...and then they suffer a serious let down.

But, as consistent as the Cowboys have been and as many stars as the team has produced, they seem dangerously close to completely coming apart. New reports suggest there are some serious internal issue that could cause the whole thing to unravel.

What's The Latest Drama in Dallas

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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Multiple sources, including the New York Post & Sports Illustrated, are reporting that there's a growing frustration between Head Coach Mike McCarthy & owner Jerry Jones.

According to the report, a former Cowboys employee said there's a growing feeling around the facility that Mike McCarthy is getting frustrated and fed up with the way things are going. Most of that frustration, according to the reports, is with the front office and namely Jerry Jones. Not only have some key players left or will be entering free agency, it's noted that the coaching staff can't do their jobs because of Jerry Jones' alleged interference and undermining their decisions.

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The source said "you can get a talented team like they’ve had but they’re going to underachieve when the coaches can’t influence the players the way they need to.”

The Cowboys Have a Serious Personnel Problem Too

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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The Cowboys have had an extremely frustrating off-season. They chose not to extend franchise QB Dak Prescott or superstar wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. Micah Parson's contract is coming up soon too. Mike McCarthy also didn't get a contract extension. Tyler Biadasz and Tony Pollard left in free agency this offseason. So, there's seemingly a mass exodus happening in Dallas. Oh, and they didn't really sign any big name talents either. Plus, there were a few head scratching decisions made in the draft.

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Talent is leaving. The coach staff feels like they can't do their jobs. Lots of their star players have expiring contracts. Like them or not, the Cowboys have consistently been a good team -  even if they haven't won a Super Bowl in a couple decades. However, unless the ship gets righted, the whole franchise could implode and go back to square one.

Can the Dallas Cowboys Keep It Together?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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There have been plenty of times over the years where the Cowboys have made head scratching decisions....and then some how come out fine. So, to say "this is the end" would be stupid. Because, through all the drama and confusing decisions, they've managed to put together winning teams. Plus, there are reports that Dallas is planning to keep Dak, CeeDee and Parsons. But just because the Cowboys want to keep them don't mean they will.

It's going to be interesting to see how this drama unfolds: if, like many times before, the Cowboys will get to the verge of completely collapsing and miraculously put it all together. Or, if this is truly the end of a fantastic run.

Like I said at the top, despite their playoff struggles, the Cowboys have been consistent with with winning seasons and keeping hope alive. But, they're playing a dangerous game at the moment that could blow that up quickly.

We'll see how things play out. They kick off a high drama 2024 season on September 8th against the Cleveland Browns.

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