This time last year, Paul Skenes was helping Louisiana State University win a National Championship. His 2023 LSU campaign was magical, to say the least. He won the National Pitcher of the Year Award. He won the Dick Howser trophy for being the national player of the year in college baseball. He won the College World Series Most Outstanding Player Award. Basically, the man was untouchable.

But, usually, you'll see a kid absolutely dominate in a college. Then it takes a few years to make the majors, they get humbled a little bit, then they start pitching like a pro. That's a typical prospect. That's NOT Paul Skenes. The man was built to be a professional baseball player and his first 8 major league starts with the Pittsburgh Pirates prove it.

Should Paul Skenes Be a MLB All-Star?

via Pittsburgh Pirates FB
via Pittsburgh Pirates FB

There's a HUGE debate going on right now between baseball experts about whether or not Paul Skenes has done enough to earn a spot on the National League All-Star Team. The All-Star team roster for both Leagues will feature 8 pitchers - 5 starters, 3 relievers. The big debate is whether or not Skenes has done enough to earn one of those 5 spots.

On one hand, yeah he's only made 8 professional starts. Most healthy starters have made 16 starts at this point. So, his resume is half of everyone else under consideration.

However, in those 8 starts, he's absolutely dominated. Seriously. Take a look:

  • 8 starts
  • 4-0 record
  • 2.14 ERA
  • 61 Strike Outs
  • .99 WHIP
  • He's only walked 8 batters

He's averaging one walk per a ROOKIE! That's crazy. Oh and he's blowing absolute smoke, running his fastball to the plate at more than 102 mph. Yeah, he's only started half the games as everyone else. But, the flip side is he's been absolutely dominant in those 8 starts and he's making Pirate games "Must See TV".

Paul Skenes Is Likely Your NL Rookie of the Year

Before Paul Skenes call-up to the majors, your 3 NL rookie of the year front runners were Shota Imanaga, Jackson Merrill and Joey Ortiz. And taking nothing away from those guys, because they've been pretty nails all season long, Paul Skenes is just on another level.

Let me put it to you this way - Within a few major league starts, he skyrocketed up the list. Now, 8 starts in, Skenes is the betting favorite to win at -125 odds. And if he keeps doing what he's doing to Major League hitters, I bet those odds will increase as the season marches on.

Paul may not have a big enough resume at this point to be an All-Star, but he's certainly a Rookie of the Year frontrunner and the favorite to win. Heck, if he keeps pitching like he has been, he may very well be a Cy Young finalist in the National League.

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