We live in an era of scams and skepticism. I mean how many times a week do you get a 'check' from a bank or some business trying to encourage you to get a loan or buy a new lawn mower or whatever. Most of the time, when you get stuff like that the first you do is trash it. And why wouldn't you? Plus, there's always some kind of scammer trying to separate you from your money or steal your ID.

Well, the State of Louisiana is asking residents to fight that urge if a check arrives from the Treasury Department. The checks are real, there's no strings attached and it's your money.

Why Is The State Louisiana Sending Residents Checks?

Every year, the Louisiana Department of Treasury tries to give back unclaimed property to residents. Currently, there's about $1.2 billion that belongs to residents. The money comes from a ton of sources: forgotten bank accounts, unpaid wages, stocks, bonds, insurance proceeds, etc.. According to the Treasury Department, roughly 1 in 6 Louisiana residents have some unclaimed property out there.

You can check and see if the State owes you any money here. You can also call the Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division toll-free hotline at 1-888-925-4127 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday to check.

That brings us to the checks. Department of Treasury is set to mail out checks to over 27,000 residents across the state for various amounts on June 13th. The total being mailed out this year is $5.1 million, so not exactly chump change.

They claim that many of the checks go uncashed every year for whatever reason. So, they're telling people "hey these checks are the real deal, please cash them".

What Parishes Need to Look For Checks the Most?

Treasurer John Fleming posted a list of how many checks are getting mailed to each parish in the state and the total amount of money for each parish. And there's lots of areas that will be getting a ton of money back.

East Baton Rouge Parish residents can expect 3,761 checks totaling $659,432.40. Orleans Parish will be receiving 2,721 checks totaling $554,231.39.

Locally, Caddo is set to get 1,516 totaling $251,702.88.

You can see the full list below:

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