SHREVEPORT, LA – Is your pay for a hard day’s work keeping up with inflation? Most people say the answer to that question is no. But some careers are seeing higher pay these days. But almost all of the top paying jobs in Louisiana require college degrees and beyond.

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We checked out the list of the top 20 highest paying jobs in Louisiana.

The numbers provided in this list comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest salary in Louisiana is closing in on $300,000, on average. Of course you will find some folks who make much more than that. But this list is the average pay for the folks in that profession.

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Is your job on this list? If you have “doctor” in front of your name, you have a much better chance of landing on this list.

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What Jobs Almost Made the List?

Some of the careers that don’t quite crack the top 20 list, but make more than $100,000 a year include truck drivers, business owners, contract nurses and a few more.
This list of the highest paid jobs was put together from data on job listing posts across the state.

20 Highest Paying Jobs in Louisiana

What Jobs Pay the Most in Louisiana?