SHREVEPORT, LA - The path has now been cleared for another new business to move into Shreveport.

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The old gas station at Shreveport Barksdale and Knight Street has been torn down, paving the way for a new chicken restaurant.

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Golden Chick is planning to open for business at that location. Right now, the only Golden Chick in Louisiana is in Baton Rouge, but Shreveport will soon have two of these fried chicken spots. Another will be opening on Greenwood Road near the new Starbucks at Pines Road.

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Golden Chick started in Richardson, Texas and prides itself on fast service. The company is in the process of major expansion around the south.

Company Chairman Mark Parmerlee says “Golden Chick has experienced some phenomenal growth over the past four years – double-digit sales increases, new market entries, and significant traffic count increases at a time when the industry is seeing the opposite.”

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Where Is Golden Chick Located?

Golden Chick has 216 locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Louisiana. Another 20 stores are expected to open this year.

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Golden Chick was founded in 1967. The specialty food is of course chicken. They have the Original Golden Tenders and the Big & Golden Chicken Sandwich, along with what's described as an award winning chicken Salad.


Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Golden Chick continues to look for franchise owners who are willing to work hard to make the best QSR Franchise for your investment.

What Golden Chick Provides:

  • Finding and approving their site selection
  • Construction of their locations
  • Leveraging our highly effective supply chain
  • Implementing targeted marketing campaigns


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