SHREVEPORT, LA - A big education change is on the way for Caddo Parish Schools. Superintendent Dr. Lamar Goree has submitted a letter of resignation telling the board he has been named the lone finalist for the top education job in Duncanville, Texas.

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Dr. Goree is expected to serve through end of the current school year. He has been the leader of Caddo schools for more than 10 years.

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Duncanville is in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. His designation as the lone finalist means Dr. Goree is the only candidate Duncanville’s Board of Trustees is pursuing as its Superintendent after a unanimous vote of support to move forward in the process. As required by Texas law, the Board’s vote begins a 21-day period in which Dr. Goree and Duncanville’s Board of Trustees will enter into contract negotiations.


When Will Dr. Goree Get Approved for Texas Job?

The Duncanville Board is set to formally approve Dr. Goree’s contract on April 22.

Dr. Goree says

I am immensely grateful to the Caddo Parish School Board for affording me the opportunity to serve as Superintendent, in my hometown, for more than 10 years. While I am excited to join Duncanville ISD, it is extremely bittersweet. It has been an immense honor to work with the extraordinary faculty, staff and leadership of Caddo Schools in the service of our students.

Goree adds:

This district is where my parents served as educators and where both of my children graduated. I know Caddo will continue to experience great success, and I will continue to be a passionate advocate for this exceptional district.

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Caddo Board President Jessica Yeates thanked Dr. Goree for his service to the district and tireless commitment to students. “Since my initial conversations with Dr. Goree, his comments have centered on what’s best for kids, and that focus hasn’t changed.”

Yeates adds:

The students of this district are in a better place because of his work over the last decade and the team he has put together. We wish Dr. Goree the best and thank him for all he has accomplished in his time in Caddo. We know change can be difficult; however, our priority is for our students, teachers, principals and families to continue to have everything they need.




Goree was named Louisiana Superintendent of the Year in 2019.

The Duncanville ISD is one of the top paying jobs for a school superintendent in Texas. The salary is expected to be above the $400,000 a year mark, plus extra pay for a car allowance and other benefits. This will be about twice as much as Dr. Goree makes in Caddo Parish.

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