Get your daily Texas fix with this video of cowboys roping a loose bull near the highway. 

Seriously, though – nothing screams “Texas” like a bull running wild near what appears to be a major interstate. Fortunately, those cowboys were on the scene to get the situation under control. 

I’m from the country and grew up working cattle. One of the first things you learn is to give them plenty of space – especially bulls. Those bad boys will destroy everything in their path if they’re so inclined.

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Now, I’m not 100% sure how the situation unfolded. However, it does appear that the cowboys were able to get things under control after successfully roping the bull. My guess is that they tied the rope to the truck and were able to lead it to a trailer or pen. 

But I would like to take this opportunity to throw a public service announcement (PSA) out there and recommend that unless you’re a trained professional, never, ever, ever attempt this yourself.

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