Texas is known for so many things including hard working people who still believe in southern hospitality. There are so many good people here in Texas, including people who have a lot of pride in our state. And while we could brag about the state of Texas for days, there might be some things that we can do that would improve the Lone Star State including removing some old laws that are still on the books even if they aren’t strictly enforced. 

Texas Laws

These laws were passed years ago to keep order, but over the years these laws don’t need to be enforced anymore, and most of them are just funny to laugh at now. When reading these laws, it also makes me wonder why some people would ever do things like throwing trash from a plane in Galveston. Was there ever a time that pilots would be throwing trash items from their aircraft?  

The Most Unusual Law on the Books in Texas 

There is one law that is still on the books in Texas that is extremely odd to me, and that law is that it’s illegal to milk a stranger’s cow. Now obviously, taking something that doesn’t belong to you is theft. But why would you ever milk someone else’s cows? It just seems so absurd to me. 

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Let’s Look at the Other Weird Texas Laws 

Here is a look at some of the most strange and abnormal laws that are still on the books in Texas. As always make sure you don’t break the law in Texas, even the weird ones.  

20 Unusual Laws in the State of Texas

We want you to stay legal so here is a list of 20 strange laws you could break in the state of Texas.

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Tips to Avoid Being a Target to Porch Pirates

As we approach the holiday season Porch Pirates will be looking to see what they can steal. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a target.

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