I've got friends with pics of this place on their Instagram and you probably do to, but for now the popular scenic Texas swimming hole has been forced to ban water access.

There's a pretty good chance you've seen a picture taken at the Hamilton Pool Preserve. The Travis County spot has become very popular for hikers and swimmers looking to get away from the city if even for an afternoon.

But it's not just a go-to for Austin-ites, it's also become a popular destination for people from across The Lone Star State.

Well, some bad news for anyone hoping to take a dip in it's pristine water this summer -- for now you can't. According to their website:


Water Access - Currently Not Allowed

Hamilton Pool Preserve visitors are currently not allowed to get into the water due to recent rain and threat of high bacteria levels. The preserve is currently open for hiking. Reservations are still required. The earliest swimming might be allowed is Saturday, May 25. When we do allow swimming only a very limited portion of the pool is available for water access due to the continuing problem of falling rocks.

As always, whether swimming will be allowed depends on factors beyond our control, such as bacteria levels and recent rain. Water access is never guaranteed with a reservation. Visitors with reservations have until midnight before their reservations to go online to reschedule.

Hikers will be affected as well: Guided Hikes have been Suspended. The Saturday morning guided hikes at Hamilton Pool Preserve are suspended until further notice. Additionally, the trail underneath the overhanging cliff that leads to the bottom of the waterfall is closed.

Even with the swimming hole and favorite trail closed down there is still plenty for you to see. You can make Hamilton Pool Preserve reservations online for dates through September 2024. The website does not that swimming is not guaranteed with your reservation.

And just a heads up, reservations are required every day of the week to visit.

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