We all know it is really hard to find employees these days. Restaurants all around Shreveport have signs up looking for workers. You will even see signs asking you to “be patient, we are short-staffed.”

But this sign in Texas trying to recruit workers has lots of folks talking. KHOU TV says people are doing a double take when they pass by Pets Gone Wild Resort in Pasadena, Texas not too far from Houston.

Some people like the sign, but others are offended.

The sign says "Now hiring non-stupid people."

Owner Walter Parsons tells the TV station “We’re trying to weed out the people that do come in. We hired one last week that lasted three days." He’s tried all kinds of options to find workers. He has posted online and put messages on social media, but he has still be struggling to get workers who can do the jobs.

He says too many workers have to be told to put their cell phone down and get back to work watching the pups.

Parsons says you don’t have to be a genius, but you “just have to at least be as smart as I am.”

He found the sign on Amazon and says it has worked. They got several applicants in just one day and he hopes the sign will no longer be needed.

This effort to find workers is indicative of a shortage of workers across the country. The unemployment rate in Louisiana is all the way down to 3.5% while the Texas unemployment rate is at 4.1%.

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