Rebel Wilson first made us belly laugh, get super grossed out, then laugh even harder when she played Kristen Wiig's "TMI" roommate in ‘Bridesmaids.' You know, the one who got a street-side tattoo of a Mexican drinking worm across her back? That was nasty. And hilarious. Luckily for us, Wilson's hysterical antics are back in the upcoming musical comedy, ‘Pitch Perfect.'

Brittany Snow, Anna Kendrick, and 'Workaholics' favorite Adam DeVine join Wilson as they rebuild an all-girls acapella group in order to take the championship title from the boys. Of course, there's always drama along the way-- ridiculously funny drama.

‘Pitch Perfect’ comes out nationwide October 5th. So how the heck are we supposed to wait until next Friday?! Don't get all ants-in-your pants on us just yet, because we've discovered ‘I'll Tumblr For Ya,’ a new Tumblr which captures some of the film's funniest moments in GIFs and meme form! We also now have a massive comedy crush on Rebel Wilson.

Check out all the 'Glee' meets 'Bring it On' fun below.

Rebel Wilson