WWE has been in "acquisition" mode lately. They've been doing it a little different than they normally do. Usually WWE hides their signings until they can make a splash with them. But this time around, WWE has announced a lot of signings online through their social media accounts, and through press releases to sports media outlets, like ESPN.

But some of them have been somewhere in-between the "surprise" approach, and the full press release style. Like last night at NXT Philadelphia, where WWE placed new signing EC3 into the crowd, then interviewed him officially.

EC3 has spent most of his career, and earned most of his praise while working in TNA (still not going to call it Impact). He's been one of top stars for the last few years, even when TNA was carrying names like AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. So making the jump shouldn't be hard for EC3, but he will have to spend time at the NXT level before he makes a main roster jump.

But this could mean big news for someone else at the NXT level currently, like an Adam Cole, who could see the main roster as early as tonight.

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