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A step in the right direction on Wednesday as the NCAA DI Council met and has agreed that it will allow college football and basketball programs to meet on-campus for voluntary team activities. These activities are to be initiated by the student-athletes and it's being said that coaches will not be allowed to be present for these voluntary activities. Basically, it'll be up to the athletes whether or not they feel comfortable getting together in a group setting to practice or work on things together while practicing social distancing to the best of their abilities.

This report comes to us via the NCAA who also released this statement on their Twitter account:

So, it seems like they've added a virtual element to keeping in touch with players/staff with the eight hours a week of virtual work overlapping the June 1 in-person start date. Also, with the June 1st start date, this should inch us closer to being able to have a full college football season upcoming in 2020.

Now, will there be fans allowed in attendance for the 2020 college football season? That's still to be sorted out, we'll have to see where we are as a society when the time comes. Same with if students are even going to be allowed on campus to begin the new year or if they'll begin virtually with online courses.

According to the article, council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania had this to say on the decision on Wednesday, “We encourage each school to use its discretion to make the best decisions possible for football and basketball student-athletes within the appropriate resocialization framework, allowing for voluntary athletics activity acknowledges that reopening our campuses will be an individual decision but should be based on advice from medical experts.”

It's very well said, the emphasis should be put on the student-athletes and the health of everyone involved in athletics surrounding football and men's and women's basketball.


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