The New Orleans Saints latest weapon is already gone.

Dez Bryant, who just signed a one year contract with the New Orleans Saints yesterday, went down in practice today. The early reports are that the Saints medical team believes he has torn his Achilles tendon.

Bryant had a chance to play this Sunday, but was likely to find a role in the offense next week. There were a lot of Saints fans who were excited about the possibility of Dez playing with Drew Brees. Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas spoke this week about his excitement about playing with Dez.

Even Dallas Cowboys fans shared excitement this week about Dez Bryant getting back into the NFL. Dez and the Cowboys had a very public divorce after last season, but Cowboys fans generally held a positive feeling towards Dez.

The Saints already placed WR Cam Meredith on Injured Reserve this week, so they will have to find another piece for their depth chart, and they'll need to do it fast.

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