In an article posted last Friday, September 25, in The Inquisitor, writer Danny Lawler discusses a very important issue that could effect hunters and their rights in all of Caddo Parish.

Apparently Caddo Parish Commissioner David Cox has proposed a new ordinance that would prohibit persons from discharging a firearm within one mile of a platted subdivision anywhere inside of Caddo Parish.  If this ordinance passes, it would become law as early as next month.

While one might be deceived into believing this is no big deal, Lawler goes on to indicate that:

While many may think that a subdivision consists of a conglomerate of homes nestled behind a sophisticated entrance with a sign, they would be wrong.  In fact, most pieces of property that are smaller than a five-acre tract of land have been subdivided into a subdivision, whether there are houses on it or not.  (The Inquisitor)

This is a fantastic point.  This would mean, in essence, that hunting with a rifle would be outlawed anywhere there is a home, or a potential home, on less than 5 acres. Essentially, hunters across Caddo Parish, under this proposed ordinance, would be limited to hunting with a bow or shotgun.

How many hunters, who now legally hunt in rural areas of Caddo Parish, would this affect?  In all likelihood, all of them.

Hunters opposed to this proposition are being encouraged to attend the Caddo Parish Commission workshop on Monday, October 5 at 3:30 pm at Government Plaza at 505 Travis Street in downtown Shreveport.

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