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New Netflix Instant Movies — July 2013
You don't have to go outside to enjoy the fireworks this July -- stay inside and check out some of what Netflix Instant has to offer with the latest movies added to their streaming service. Whether you want action, comedy, or drama, Netflix Instant has a little something for everyone.
The Today Show Gives Miss Utah a Second Chance
Miss Utah was on the "Today Show" yesterday to talk about the terrible, rambling answer she gave at the Miss USA pageant Sunday. While she was there Matt Lauer gave her a second chance to answer the question she so famously screwed up. The question was about equal pay for women, and her an…
Roger Ebert’s Best Quotes
Legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70, leaving a massive void in the world of film analysis and criticism that is unlikely to be filled anytime soon. His impact on his field and how people watch and talk about movies cannot be underestimated. However, there's a reas…
Ron Jeremy Returns to Work After Brush With Death
Proving once and for all that not even a life-threatening medical condition can keep a dedicated adult star down (pun!), legendary schtupper Ron Jeremy is back at work following two aneurysms near his heart that almost killed him several months ago. Thank god. Adult films just haven't been the …

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