An incident at a Shreveport high school takes bullying to a whole new level. Two teens have been arrested after they allegedly robbed two of their classmates at Captain Shreve High School in southeast Shreveport this week.

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator says deputies got information Thursday about a possibly robbery that happened at Captain Shreve on Wednesday. Deputies investigated several witnesses and learned two teens were in a bathroom at the school when two other students robbed them. One of the suspects pulled out what looked like a real gun during the incident.

Deputies did a sweep of the school and found "a realistic looking pellet gun but detectives do not believe it was the gun used in the robbery."

The two teenage suspects were arrested on a charge of first degree robbery. They will not be identified because they are juveniles.

This school incident comes just a couple of weeks after two days of fights at Southwood High School in southwest Shreveport. Caddo deputies beefed up patrols at that school to prevent any further violence. A group of dads also stepped in to help walk the halls at Southwood to try to prevent more incidents of violence.

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