After a brief discussion, the Bossier City Council deleted 3 items from the agenda which would have obligated the city to contracts for the next several years. Bossier Mayor- Elect Tommy Chandler tells KEEL News he wants time to study these proposals before the city enters into a new five year deal.

Chandler called on the council and Mayor Lo Walker to slow down on entering any new contracts before he takes office on July 1st.


Councilman Don Williams asked the panel to delete 3 items from the agenda. One of these deals is for a $30 million recreational and senior center. This would have included a five year contract extension for the Manchac Engineering Group. Another measure would have allowed the Manchac group to designate Todd Thompson as Bossier Public Works Director. The majority of the council thinks that's a decision the new mayor should make.

Chandler tells KEEL News there is no need to rush these contracts. He says it will not hurt anything to wait 90 days to give him time to evaluate what is best for the city of Bossier.

Council members Don Williams, Jeff Free, Thomas Harvey and Jeff Darby voted to delete the items from the agenda while councilmen Scott Irwin, David Montgomery and Tim Larkin voted to keep items on agenda and at least vote them up are down.

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