I remember going to buy lunch and my card was declined, how could it be declined? I had done my budget, I could afford to splurge for another week, how could I have drained my account already? What followed were the longest 48 hours ever. Luckily I got my money back, but talk about feeling so vulnerable and helpless, seriously why can't people just get a job instead of scamming people? Trust me, my bank account probably made them feel sorry for me, however that didn't stop them from taking what little they could. Since that day, I monitor my bank account like a hawk. Be on high alert, most importantly don't fall for these horrid scams. Have you recently gotten a text telling you your bank card is locked? Call your bank, don't call the number that text tells you to call.

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Caddo residents are being warned about a bank card scam that steals your identity and your money. According to Sheriff Steve Prator "In recent days, CPSO has received reports from citizens who have received text messages allegedly from their banks stating their bank card has been locked. The message directs them to call a phone number that is provided. Upon doing so they are asked for the card information, including the pin number, to reactivate the card. Once the information is provided, the suspect makes fraudulent withdrawals, generally from ATMs located inside retail stores." Clearly these scammers are finding different ways to keep stealing, there are some things we can do to make sure this doesn't happen to us. Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator is urging citizens to never give out any kind of information when you are contacted first. Sheriff Prator said “Crooks are good at making it sound legitimate, but a bank won’t ask for your pin number. If you get a message from a bank, do your own research. Look up the phone number yourself. Contact their Customer Service Department to make sure you aren’t being scammed.” Share this information with your friends and your neighbors, and remember to call your bank first!

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