How about another piece of Avengers: Infinity War news? Directors Joe and Anthony Russo shared a cryptic new photo from the set of the upcoming super-sequel, and, as with most pics posted to their shared (and previously somewhat secret) Twitter account, this one was posted without a caption — leaving us to puzzle over exactly what we’re looking at. We have a sneaking suspicion we’ve seen this place before, just maybe not from the outside.

My immediate reaction is, “Oh, that looks like something from Asgard!” And that’s certainly a strong possibility. It could be the door to Odin’s vault — we’ve only ever seen the outside of the vault, which houses powerful relics like the Casket of Ancient Winters, the Tesseract and (ding ding ding!) the Infinity Gauntlet, at a distance:


We’ve also seen the inside:


Based on the similar design elements, I’d wager a guess that what we’re seeing in that new photo posted by the Russos is the door to the vault — or, more specifically, it’s the door to the place where the Infinity Gauntlet is kept, which probably wouldn’t be as accessible as the remainder of the relics, which are housed in a museum-like space.

As you’ll recall, the post-credits scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron featured Thanos finally getting his lazy purple butt up out of that giant space chair and taking matters — and the gauntlet — into his own hands:


The space behind him is circular in shape, like the door featured in the Russos’ mystery photo. So either this is the door to Odin’s vault or the door to a vault inside Odin’s vault. The other option is, of course, that what we’re seeing in the Russo pic is the door to Thanos’ own private vault, where he placed the Infinity Gauntlet for safekeeping — but that would mean he’s already retrieved it from Asgard in the Age of Ultron post-credits scene (possible, sure), and my most educated guess based on what we know is that this pic is from Asgard, not from Thanos’ intergalactic man cave.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4, 2018.