Traffic in the SBC... Some roads have it far worse than others. According to you, no street is as bad as this one.

Are you already guessing? Personally, I guessed the winning street correctly, partly because I have to navigate it every single day, twice a day.

You guessed it, the road with the worst traffic in town according to you, is Airline Drive. I live in Benton, so in the mornings on school days I have to drive all the way down Airline to get my daughter to school at Fairfield Magnet. It's a doozy of a drive that tests my patience every single day.

I would certainly say it's the worst, although Youree Drive definitely gives it a run for the money.

Airline Drive won substantially collecting 88% of the total vote. Youree managed to get 9% of the vote, and Benton road grabbed the remaining 3%.

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