Even if you've never seen the Paul Newman classic 'Cool Hand Luke,' you're probably aware of its famous scene in which Newman's title character wins a bet by downing 50 hard boiled eggs in one sitting. We're not sure how much they know about 'Cool Hand Luke' in Tunisia, but a man there named Dhaou Fatnassi tried to replicate Newman's feat. Needless to say, it didn't end well.

And by that we mean the attempt at extreme eating ended Fatnassi's life.

After swallowing 28 eggs -- which weren't hard-boiled and seemed to include the shells -- the 20-year old began to feel stomach pains. So his friends rushed him to the local hospital. He died on the way.

Fatnassi's passing is yet another reminder that just because something works in a movie it doesn't mean it should be attempted in real life. Sadly that probably means you should never try to speak to that way-out-of-your-league woman you keep seeing in the coffee shop. In fact, it's probably best you stay at least ten feet away from her at all times.

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