Ever wonder why some people can get eaten alive by those pesky mosquitoes and others never even get a bite? Must be because some people's blood is sweeter than others. Nope! Wrong! It has nothing to do with blood!

I recently sat outside to eat dinner with my mom and it began to get dark. As the sun was going down, the mosquitoes came out. The darker it got, the more they came. I got bit, but my mom did not. Why???

Well, according to shreddin.tv, mosquitoes don't really care what type of blood you have, Type A, type O, sweet or unsweet...mosquitoes gravitate towards people based on the bacteria on your skin. Gross! In fact, some bacteria actually smells better than others and the mosquitoes like that. It's almost like a natural perfume or an "attractive smell."

They also gravitate towards the carbon dioxide in our breath, so people that exercise outside and more likely to attract the annoying creatures by breathing heavy and sweating.

Guess that explains it. Welcome to mosquito season, Louisiana!