No doubt you have heard the rumors that Whole Foods might not really open in Shreveport this fall. I've heard these rumors from many people over the past couple of months.

My post on Wednesday stirred this pot up quite a bit. Yesterday, I reached out to multiple sources including Whole Foods for an update. However, I did not receive a response.  I would like to try to clarify some items from that story after spending a full day chasing down sources and leads.

A Whole Foods sign has been taken down at the property, but another sign with Whole Foods is still up at the corner of the property by Grub Burger. I don't know why a sign was removed. That is what has caused so much speculation and a social media firestorm.

Here's what I have learned today.

There is a building permit with the City for the shell of the Whole Food Building that was issued to The Wieland-Davco Corp in August of 2014. Gary Norman, the city's Chief Building Official tells me:

Shreveport also has a permit for the finish out of the interior of the space that was issued to Flintco, Inc. in February of 2016 and this permit is still active.  A Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until this work is complete.  We also show that sign permits were issued by the Zoning Office of the MPC to Shreveport Neon just last week.

Rachel Malish with Whole Foods sent an email saying concerns that Whole Foods is not coming are simply rumors and "we are on track for opening this Fall. It sounds like property management removed some temporary signage, but there is still some signage up and our permanent storefront signage will be up in the next few weeks."

Mailish did not give any target opening date or supply any more info on a job fair or job postings, but did promise to send that as soon as more information is available.

On the sign front, I contacted Shreveport Neon and was told they have a purchase order from Whole Foods to install 3 new signs on the property. The signs are being made by another vendor and are expected to arrive sometime in August.

I also got this message from Emily Van Vranken with Sealy Real Estate: "Construction for Whole Foods is full steam ahead!"

KEEL News has also heard from one of the contractors working at the site and he says they have heard nothing about Whole Foods changing plans at all.