I have to admit that I've never heard of Waterproof, Louisiana, but I guarantee that's not the strangest name of a town in the United States!

Sometimes you wonder what people were thinking 150 years ago when they named some of these towns, but nevertheless these names are funny. How would you like to meet someone and say, "Hi! I'm from Booger Hole, West Virginia!." Bet you'd get a strange look?

Thanks to our friends at Estately.com, we now know some of the strangest names of towns in the United States. Here are some of the best:

  •   Booger Hole, West Virginia.
  •   Satan's Kingdom, Massachusetts.
  •   Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho.
  •   Big Bottom, Washington.
  •   Worms, South Dakota.
  •   Ding Dong, Texas.
  •   Scratch Ankle, Alabama.
  •  Smartt, Tennessee.  That's "smartt" with two t's.
  •  Frankenstein, Missouri.
  •  Little Canada, Minnesota.

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