Which local restaurant has the best gumbo in Shreveport-Bossier?

I am a gumbo lover. My Nannie made the best gumbo. My Mom could make it and I can duplicate it if I'm in the mood. But I would rather go out to a restaurant and enjoy a great bowl of gumbo.

Here's my list of the top 10 bowls of gumbo in Shreveport-Bossier (#1 is my favorite)

1. Herby K's
2. Shanes
3. Gumbo to Geaux
4. Marilynn's Place
5. Bistro to Geaux
6. Ernests
7. Abby Singers
8. The Oyster Bar
9. Farmers Seafood (take out)
10. Bergerons (take out)

I did a little informal survey to find the best gumbo in Shreveport-Bossier.
Several of you chimed in to offer your advice and I appreciate that. Here's what some of our local residents say about the Gumbo in Northwest Louisiana:

Darrell Rebouche: "okay, I did a gumbo tour. Worthy gumbo, loosely ranked:
Bistro to Geaux, Gumbo to Geaux, Abby Singer's, Kim's, (shockingly) Jason's Deli....
Stand-alones because they're slightly unconventional but really good: Herby K and TheOyster Bar.  Oh, Shane's in southwest Shreveport. The take-out from Bergeron's is also good."

J. Casey Simpson: "Herby K's. Gumbo by name should contain okra. Without it, it's soup. Herby K's gumbo is richly dark the way a roux should be."

Sabrina Malmay: "Ernests! Lots of crab."

Those are just some of the many comments I got. I appreciate all of the comments and the suggestions of places I should check out. We want your opinion. Let us know which gumbo is your favorite.