If you've ever driven on Clyde Fant Parkway, you may have noticed some large boulders on the shore side of the roadway near the I-20 underpass, north of Veteran's Park. If you noticed them, you may have wondered, "What's the deal with those big rocks?"

Well here's the deal...

They are stones that were moved here millions of years ago down the Red River from an upthrust of sandstone called the Wilcox Formation.

That explains everything...right?

Well, an internet blogger named "Rockdawg," who lives in the area, found an article in The Shreveport Times written by John Andrew Prime that goes into a little deatil. Prime says the stones are part of Shreveport's ancient history.

These boulders alongside Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway in Shreveport are part of the Wilcox Formation of sandstone...The pond likely was formed by the shifting Red River.

Prime goes on to write that glaciers moved the stones here. Rockdawg tends to disagree, and being that I'm no geologist or glacier expert, I'm gonna tend to agree with Mr. Dawg. Regardless of the movement method, they got here.

Prime goes on to describe the Wilcox Formation in a little more detail.

The exposed rock is part of an upward thrusting of sandstone known as the Wilcox Formation. Dating from the Paleocene geologic epoch that lasted from about 66 million to 56 million years ago, it holds peats from the ancient delta plain that became dehydrated and carbonized over time and turned into the Lignite...that warmed Shreveporters more than 150 years ago.

So there you go. If you've never taken the chance to stop your car and walk out to the rocks, you should do so. They are actually really cool to look at up close. Here are some pictures that I took of them a few years ago.

And although I don't condone graffiti, some of its pretty funny.