When you're trying to get a job, I'm not quite sure that talking about the 'Kardashians' on your resume will land you that dream position. But I guess it works for the people of North Carolina...to each their own, right? So what word do the people of Louisiana most commonly put on our resumes?

This actually comes to no surprise to me, being that I was born and raised in Louisiana. And I'm trying to think...did I put this word on my resume years ago? Pretty sure I didn't, but a lot of people have. According to a career website called Zippia, the most common word used on resumes in Louisiana is: TIGERS. Okay, are you really surprised??

Zippia analyzed more than 3.5 million resumes to figure out what word is most popular on people's resumes in each state. Here are a few of the results.

Massachusetts - anime

Nebraska - Warcraft

Oklahoma - Batman

Maryland - ghosts

And the list goes on. Random, right? If you were employer and some of these words showed up a resume, would you hire that person. To see the complete list of all states, click HERE.