If you have one of these names, I'm sure you've been asked if you're related to so-and-so plenty of times.

It's always been intriguing to me that you can share a last name with someone, but not be directly related to them. I'm sure if you traced back your family trees, you would find a common relative, but for the most part you are complete strangers. Fascinating right?

I know what you're thinking... Lay off the eggnog, Jess.

Anywho. Thanks to forebears.io, I found a list of the most common surnames in Shreveport, Louisiana. Surprisingly, "Smith" was not number one on the list. Oh, it was definitely in the top 10, but not at the very top.

Here are the top 10 most common last names in Shreveport as well as how many people have that name.

10. Harris - 1,538
9. Taylor - 1,741
8. Davis - 2,193
7. Jackson - 2,207
6. Brown - 2,247
5. Thomas - 2,407
4. Jones - 2,516
3. Smith - 3,545
2. Johnson - 3,559
1. Williams - 4,333