Have you ever walked out of your doctor's office and thought, "I wonder how much he / she makes?" Or how about your dentist? Or lawyer? Or what about the guy who sold you your car?

Well, thanks to the career expert website, Zippia, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we're able to tell you the highest paid jobs in Louisiana!

And according to that bureau - via Zippia -  the highest paid profession in our state is anesthesiology.

Meanwhile, your dentist comes in number 12 on the list, ahead of lawyers, sales managers, and even nuclear engineers!

Here's the list of Louisiana's Top 10 Highest Paid Professions:

1) Anesthesiologist $263,740

2) Orthodontist $246,600

3) Surgeon $242,560

4) Internist $237,820

5) Dentist, Specialty $222,400

6) Family and General Practitioner $206,440

7) General Physician $201,740

8) Obstetrician, Gynecologist $194,580

9) Chief Executive $174,230

10) Psychiatrist $139,620

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