We combined two special days into our own celebration at Barksdale Air Force Base.

It seems like every day is a different "National blah blah blah" day however, we found two that we enjoy and decided to combine them into one. We've created "National Pizza Party with the Armed Forces Day!" It's a combination of National Pizza Party Day which is May 20 and National Armed Forces Day which is May 21. With our new day established, at least in our own minds, we put it into action by deliver pizza to Barksdale Air Force Base.

A ton of pizza.

Thanks to Keith at CiCi's on Youree Drive, we were able to execute our mission. He generously donated 24 pizzas to our men and women in uniform. We made the delivery to the 8th Air Force Museum, which has been completely renovated. We had several airmen meet us there to accept these pies on behalf of the rest of base. We hope they shared!

We also made a pizza delivery to the local Marine Recruiting Office in Shreveport.

At Townsquare Media, we love our men and women in uniform. These brave individuals put their lives on the line for us, defending our freedom. They selflessly sacrifice time with their loved ones to keep us safe. It's a debt we could never repay, not with all the pizzas in the world.

Thank you to our United States Armed Forces