Do you give money to political campaigns? A lot of us do. It's our right as an American to put our money where our mouth is. What's not right is what our money is used for when it comes actually supporting a campaign.

Did you know that in the not to distant past every member of the Louisiana Legislature was given two free tickets to LSU sporting events?

Years ago every state legislator in Louisiana received two free season tickets to all LSU football and basketball games. That has changed. LSU now allocates two tickets to every LSU football game for state legislators.

This is according to the Weidie Report. A blog that reports oddly enough on Mississippi political shenanigans.

Thank goodness somebody saw the error that system and finally started making the hired hands in Baton Rouge pony up the money for tickets. You can't run a  major sports program and compete against Nick Saban giving away free tickets.

Here's where your campaign contribution comes into play. That money you gave to your favorite candidate to make sure he or she got the message out about schools and taxes and Common Core and transparency in government can be used to provide that esteemed member of government tickets to LSU Athletic events.

I don't mind LSU selling tickets to anyone. They are for sale and stolen, er borrowed, er misappropriated, er campaign contributions, er found money is just as green as money that was earned breaking your back at a real tax paying job.

Here's where I find myself really getting upset about this issue. Not only can legislators use their influence or position to spend campaign contributions on tickets to a sporting event. They are often given first priority on ticket purchases. That means that we the people get to wait in line behind our employees to purchase tickets to an event that is hosted by a school that our tax dollars keep open.

By the way if you're in college and want an easy "A" take a class called "Ethics in Louisiana Government".  How can you fail a class about something that doesn't seem to really exist.