Volunteers will gather at the Stoner Boat launch Saturday morning at 8am for the 7th annual  Red River cleanup. You can help clean up the banks of the river if you can spare a couple of hours on Saturday.

This year, there's a pretty cool prize up for grabs:

It all started after an outing on the river.

In 2010 an avid group of outdoor enthusiasts held a recreational paddle down the Red River which revealed a trash problem that seemed to be flowing under the radar.

Wanting to make a difference, the Red River Cleanup was formed.

For the past five years, more than 1,280 volunteers have participated in clearing 37,400 pounds of trash from the Red River and its surrounding areas.


This year, the cleanup will begin at the Stoner boat launch at 8am. Lunch will be provided for all volunteers, and there are even prizes for the craziest trash found on the banks of the river.

You can walk along the bank and pick up trash or get out in a boat and pull out some of the debris and you can do it at your own pace.

This year they are also hosting a BWW chicken wing eating contest at 12:30pm.