So, about that decision Tyrann Mathieu planned on making as to what school he will play football for this year, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

It turns out, the Honey Badger's issues are far more difficult than avoiding tackles on the gridiron.

Friday will be the one week mark since Tyrann Mathieu's life and football career changed forever. As much as his dismissal hurt Tiger faithful, as well as Mathieu himself, we all failed to realize who the most affected by this: the Mathieu family.

According to Mathieu's parents, he will not suit up for any team this fall. The big rumor was that he and McNeese State University would be a perfect match, other rumors had him playing at up to 20 different universities.

Instead his father Tyrone Mathieu feels that the place perfect for his son, would be a drug rehab center. Instead of being enrolled at a university this fall, it looks as if he'll be enrolled at the Right Step Recovery center in Houston. There maybe he'll have the chance to work on his "maturity" as he previously said he would when this tragedy first came to light.

Since Mathieu arrived at drug rehab on Monday, he's been getting mentored by another person in his shoes, who went through similar issues, former NBA star John Lucas. Lucas was a 14-year NBA veteran before a cocaine and alcohol addiction ruined his life and his career. His goal, lines up with the goals of his family, to move Mathieu in the right direction.

We all hope to see Mathieu return to the football field soon, heck even LSU's football field.