We reported earlier on a story from SI.com that says Tyrann Mathieu appeared in promotional videos and has been awarded benefits from a night club club that could alter his eligibility to play for LSU next season.

According to the Bleacher Report, Tyrann Mathieu called the report "ridiculous" and said that he and his adoptive parents all declined to be interviewed for the SI story several times.

Referring to Sports Illustrated, Tyrone Mathieu, adoptive father of Tyrann Mathieu, told WVUE-Fox 8, "They called from blocked numbers repeatedly, asking me why I was dodging them. They came to my home and that of my elderly mother on multiple occasions."

Sheila Mathieu said, "They twisted things and cobbled together details from past articles because we wouldn't sit down with them." She also informed FOX 8 Sports, "We have always believed in being a tight-knit family. God first, family second, work and school third. That's what Tyrann is doing now, and he's on an avenue to success, making good grades and putting his life in order."

LSU defensive tackle Anthony Johnson said, "Once he became aware they were using his image on that flyer he asked them to take it down. He didn't know if they were using him in a video and he said he paid for everything he had to pay for when he went to the club. We have no reason not to believe him. We haven't talked to Tyrann. Our initial concern has to be with the football players who are eligible."