Usually when there are money concerns attached to a college athletic program, it means one of two things. Either the school is about to drop some teams, or the NCAA is circling like vultures.

However this might be the debut of a third option.

From the sounds of it, the audit of Grambling Athletics found multiple discrepancies, but it also doesn't sound like the results will lead to any NCAA sanctions or any severe disciplinary actions at all.

Here's more from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"According to a report released by the legislative auditor, Grambling’s athletic program has several discrepancies in the way money, expenses and revenues are reported. It says the school wasn’t able to reconcile ticket sales, account for complimentary tickets and there are money problems as it relates to student aid and salaries and benefits for coaches.

A spokesman for the program told The News Star that this doesn’t mean they’ll face NCAA penalties and that this is a clean audit with no major issues, but corrective action will be taken."