Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center were on their game in their projected track, the timing, and the intensity of Tropical Storm Colin. The official forecast track had the center of Colin moving over the coast of northern Florida late Monday. The storm did just that.

The 1 AM advisory from the Hurricane Center shows that Colin was soon to be pushing off the coast of Florida or southeast Georgia by early Tuesday. This would put the center of circulation back over open water. The forecast does call for some strengthening as the system moves away from land.

The tropical forecast models suggest that Colin's interaction with the United States will perhaps include a brush with the South Carolina coast or the Outer Banks of North Carolina later today. The system is expected to move rapidly to the northeast toward the Canadian Maritime Provinces. However most of the forecast tracks still keep the center of Colin off shore.

Most of the convection and thunderstorm activity associated with the system remains well to the east. That means that much of the high winds and heavy rain will now be pushing further off shore as Colin makes it's trek out to sea.

The rest of the tropical Atlantic remains quiet and no further tropical development is expect over the next several days.